Marjorie Zatz

Jamie Longazel

Maartje van der Woude


Collaborative Research Networks

Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs) were formed at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association (LSA) in Miami to facilitate international research collaboration in selected topics for presentation at the meeting in Budapest in July 2001. The CRNs met twice at the meeting in Miami Beach. They have continued their work, primarily by electronic means and by organising sessions at subsequent Law and Society Association meetings.

CRNs bring together scholars from all parts of the world.

(CRN 02): Citizenship and Immigration

Questions of citizenship and immigration are central to understandings of the role of law in relation to transnational mobility and investment.

Individuals interested in the work of the CRN on Citizenship and Immigration should contact the organizers by email.


Marjorie Zatz, Arizona State University
Jamie Longazael, University of Dayton
Maartje van der Woude, University of Leiden

If you are interested in joining the CRN02 List Serve (low e-mail traffic), please send an email to Maartje with the following text in the body of the message:

subscribe to CRN List Serve

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