CRN Sponsored Sessions for LSA 2015

Dear Citizenship & Immigration CRN Members,

As you know, this year’s LSA conference will be in Seattle from May 28 – 31, 2015. Abstracts are due on October 15, 2014. There are a few different ways you can work through the CRN:

1) You can organize a panel and request that it be sponsored by the CRN. If you go this route, please send your panel information (panel title / description and panelists / titles / abstracts) to Marjorie Zatz (, ideally by October 1.

2) You can use the listserv to form a panel. Simply send an email to, describing the panel you would like to form. Be sure to keep the panel topic broad enough to attract at least three other papers. You might also consider sharing your abstract and asking whether anyone is doing similar work. When the panel comes together, you can follow the instructions above for submitting an organized panel. Conversely, if you are not able to form a panel, you can follow the instructions below for submitting an individual abstract.

3) You can submit an individual abstract to us, asking that we place it on a panel. These should be sent to Jamie Longazel ( Please try to submit by October 1 so that we have enough time to arrange panels before the deadline.

4) Some CRN members have expressed interest in Author Meets Reader sessions.  Books must be published in calendar year 2014.  Proposals for AMR Books Sessions SHOULD BE SUBMITTED FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS AT  Only 15 AMR sessions will be selected by the LSA Program Committee from those submitted. As with other panels, please let us know if you have submitted an AMR session, and if it is selected.

Unfortunately, only four panels can be guaranteed ‘no overlap’ – meaning, they will not run concurrently with any other Citizenship & Immigration Sessions. We will give preference in this regard to those panels that were pre-organized. The good news is that AMRs, if selected by the Program Committee, do not count towards the participation limits for the participants and thus constitute an exception to the “4 non-current scheduling”  meaning it’d be a 5th non-concurrent scheduled session. Of course, if you have any questions, please do let us know.

Also, if you would like to serve as a chair or a discussant on a CRN panel, let Maartje van der Woude ( know and we will try to arrange for that.

Best regards, Jamie, Maartje and Marjorie

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