Online restart

Dear CRN-members,

It has been quiet on our online network: the latest blog post is from November 2012 and the latest activity (i.e. a tweet) is exactly one year ago today. Given all the interesting research that is going on within our CRN, it is a shame to exchange that only once a year. So, time for an online restart!

For now the blog will still be the center of our online activity, so make sure to regularly check If you have anything you would like to post, you can send it to Feel free to share whatever you want, an online community can only work by the grace of its active members. In the future we want to make use of a system where everyone can post directly to the blog, but this will take some time.

In the context of a modernization drive (which is less radical and scary than it sounds) there will be more emphasis on social media. We will make active use of our twitter-account to tweet anything that might be of interest to CRN-members, so follow us @CRNCitizMigr.

A LinkedIn-group is created to exchange jobs, calls for papers, publications and other interesting content. Join the group here and invite others that might be interested: Linkedin CRN Citizenship & Migration.

If you have any questions, remarks or – especially – content, contact Jelmer Brouwer at

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