APSA 2014 (Washington DC) call for papers

Migration&Citizenship welcomes paper and panel proposals utilizing a wide range of methodological strategies and theoretical perspectives on topics such as: the politics of nationality and citizenship, including comparative or historical nationality law, statelessness, naturalization and expatriation as well as dual or multiple citizenship; the relationship between citizenship and sovereignty, including state formation or disintegration, nationalism, secession, minorities, diasporas, and multilevel citizenship; the relationship between citizenship and identity, gender, multiculturalism, race and ethnicity, racism and xenophobia, human rights, indigenous peoples, empires and imperialism, civic engagement, transnationality, welfare, and public policy; the local, national, transnational, international, and global politics of voluntary and forced migration, including political attitudes and orientations both towards and of all categories of migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, and economic, family, circular, business, high-skilled, and irregular migrants; immigration and emigration policies and laws, including their international relations, international political economy, and political philosophy aspects; border, security, and migration control studies; immigrant integration and refugee resettlement policies and their implementation, including immigrant and refugee civic engagement, political incorporation, and citizen-making.

We particularly welcome paper and panel submissions that address the conference theme of Politics after the Digital Revolution.

Because of a change to the allocation formula, the M&C Section’s acceptance rate this year should be roughly equal to the average acceptance rate for all Sections (unlike last year when the acceptance rate was much lower than the average), but the actual number of panels allocated to the section this year (and in future years) depends very much on the number of submissions we receive this year. So please consider submitting your proposal(s) through Migration & Citizenship.

You may submit up to 2 papers or 2 organized panel proposals. The application deadline is December 15.

See for more info: http://www.apsanet.org/content_83116.cfm

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