Planning papers and panels for the next Law & Society Meeting in Boston (May 30th – June 2nd, 2013)

Dear colleagues,

If you are planning a paper or panel for the Law & Society meeting in Boston, you may want to take advantage of our CRN listserv and website ( ) to find people with similar work in progress.  Forming a panel is a good way to get relevant and helpful feedback.  There are two options.  You can send a message to the Citizenship and Migration CRN listserv by using this address: (The address that is used to reach all of you.) Or you may want to check out the member profiles for a good match with someone at this address. This is also a good time to update your profile, if you haven’t already.

In either event, please do reference our CRN  (CRN 2: Citizenship and Migration) in your final proposal – it will help the program committee avoid setting sessions at competing times.

If you do put in your own panel, it would be helpful if you sent us (Jamie, Maartje, Marjorie) an email telling us you have done so–that will help us keep track of CRN activities even before the preliminary program is published.

As immigration issues heat up locally, nationally, and internationally, our work becomes more and more important and relevant to public policy and justice.  Hope to see you at LSA.  And feel free to be in touch with any of us.

Best wishes – Marjorie, Jamie and Maartje (CRN Co-ordinators).

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