Special Issue of Journal of Social Quality

The International Journal of Social Quality (formerly the European Journal of Social Quality) is a peer reviewed, scholarly journal which has a primary focus on the interpretation of social quality through a wide range of disciplines, including social policy, economics, sociology, law and legal studies, philosophy, political science, geography, health sciences, and public administration.

Volume 1, Number 2 focusses on migration.

Contents of Vol. 1(2)

Social Quality Research in a Globalized World: An Introduction
pp. 1-4(4)
Authors: Lin, Ka; Gasper, Des; van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.

Good Governance, Social Quality, and Active Citizenship: Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines
pp. 19-30(12)
Authors: Brillantes Jr, Alex B.; Fernandez, Maricel T.

Workplace Innovation, Social Innovation, and Social Quality
pp. 31-49(19)
Authors: Oeij, Peter R.A.; Dhondt, Steven; Korver, Ton


About Jeff Handmaker

I teach law, human rights, law and development and social justice and conduct research on legal mobilization as a tenured faculty member at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, part of Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2017 I was a visiting research fellow in the Department of Sociology at Princeton University. My long-time association with South Africa and Southern Africa continues as a visiting fellow in the Faculty of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and as an Editor of the South African Journal on Human Rights. I hold various ancillary positions, including as a project board member of the Public Interest Litigation Project and regularly give public lectures in the Netherlands, Europe and elsewhere in the world. My current research applies legal mobilization as an analytical lens to evaluate the legitimacy, capacity, structural limitations and transformative potential – including the symbolic value – for strategic legal mobilization to hold governments, individuals and corporations accountable, particularly when they are involved in serious human rights violations. Recent publications include: with Karin Arts (co-editor) (2018) Mobilizing International Law for ‘Global Justice’ (Cambridge University Press) and (2018) and ‘The Legitimacy Crisis Within International Criminal Justice and the Importance of Critical, Reflexive Learning’ in B Jessop & K Knio (Eds.), pp. 189-206, The Pedagogy of Economic, Political and Social Crises: Dynamics, Construals and Lessons (Routledge).
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