Open Access Journal issue on Transnational Citizenship

Edited By: Alisdair Rogers, Steve Vertovec and Robin Cohen

Impact Factor: 1.038

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2010: 25/75 (Anthropology); 34/65 (Geography); 40/129 (Sociology)

Online ISSN: 1471-0374

Virtual Issue on Transnational Citizenship

Transnational approaches to citizenship are examining how its forms and practices are exceeding the conventional bounds of the nation-state, as part of a diversification of a sense of community or belonging. But how far do such processes subvert, avoid or reproduce, well-established relations between states and citizens?

The state, migrants and citizenship: transnational dimensions

Transnational political practices and the receiving state: Turks and Kurds in Germany and the Netherlands
Eva Kristine Østergaard-Nielsen 2001

State-led Transnationalism and Migration: Reaching Out to the Argentine Community in Spain
Ana Margheritis 2007

Lives in limbo: Temporary Protected Status and immigrant identities
Alison Mountz, Richard Wright, Ines Miyares and Adrian J. Bailey 2002

Political Cultures and Transnational Social Fields: Chilean, Colombian and Canadian Organizing in Toronto
Patricia Landolt and Luin Goldring 2010

Hometown associations and cross-border politics

The transnational politics of the Tomato King: meaning and impact
Michael Peter Smith and Matt Baker 2005

Unsettling connections: transnational networks, development and African home associations
Claire Mercer, Ben Page and Martin Evans 2009

Hometown associations, the rescaling of state spatiality and migrant grassroots transnationalism
Ayse Caglar 2006

Associational links with home among Zimbabweans in the UK: Reflections on long-distance nationalisms
JoAnn McGregor 2009

ICT and geographies of British Arab and Arab American activism
Caroline Nagel and Lynn Staeheli 2010

Are nationalism and transnationalism alternatives or complementary?

The multiplicity of citizenship: transnational and local practices and identifications of middle-class migrants
Marianne van Bochove, Katja Rusinovic, and Godfried Engbersen 2010

Transnational involvement and social integration
Erik Snel, Godfired Engbersen and Arjen Leekres 2006

Dual Citizenship or Dual Identity? : Does ‘transnationalism’ supplant ‘nationalism’ among returning Trinidadians?
Dennis Conway, Robert B Potter, and Godfrey St. Bernard 2008

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