CRN Updates from Marie Provine

For the past two years, the CRN on Citizenship and Immigration has organized a site-specific panel on “Immigration and Communities.” This year, Els de Graaw has put together a roundtable that will bring together city policymakers, practitioners, and immigrant advocates to talk about the state of immigrant rights in San Francisco. Other members of the CRN have also worked hard to create panels that will interest the broader membership at this year’s San Francisco meeting. We welcome scholars and practitioners interested in the causes and consequences of human mobility and the response of states to human movement.

This year we have sought particularly to bring new perspectives to the fore, with some members forming themselves as an International Research Collaborative (IRC). The questions arising from B and C countries, we believe, deserve more attention. How, for example, does immigration look to observers from areas where the migration traffic is heavy? To learn more this IRC has invited two experts from Tapachula, Mexico (on the border with Guatemala), Dr. Martha Luz Rojas, an expert on the situation of Guatemalan women, and Luis Perdomo, Vice-Consul of El Salvador. A third participant is Jules Mastaki is coming from Democratic Republic of Congo. CRN members have also developed other panels featuring non US perspectives that should be of broad interest, such as one Kif Adams has put together on historical approaches to immigration/citizenship, Jeff Handmaker and George Bisharat’s panel on citizenship and nationality issues in Israel-Palestine and one that John Park has helped to organize that will be co-sponsored by the East Asia CRN. The plan of the IRC is to produce a collection of coauthored pieces, each bringing together a scholar from a low-income country with an American academic coauthor. At the 2012 Hawaii meeting, our IRC will sponsor panels organized along regional and thematic lines and featuring multiple sets of coauthors.

The CRN on Citizenship and Migration maintains a web page with a list of members and their interests as well as archives and upcoming events. We urge members to send updates on their research and activities and to coordinate panels through email exchanges and our listserv.

If you are interested in joining the List Serve, please send an email to Jeff Handmaker. Our current co-organizers are Jeff, Leila Kawar and Doris Marie Provine.


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